Blanc – Viqua

YEAR 2007
CLIENT Viqua tubes and plastic industry connections located in Joinville.
LOCAL Santa Catarina

Development of a tap of TPO plastic that would fill a gap in the market that existed between plastic products with a poor balance between cost benefit (quality / price) and metal products with high prices.


The designer Hector Eckeli came up with a product that allied bold design with the quality of ABS placing it in a price range between the cheapest faucets with no concern for appearance and functionality (garden, laundry tub) and expensive metal options.


The strategy was to take advantage of the opportunity to position the product in a new market niche, which until that point had not existed: products with the design and functionality of more expensive products made of metal but with a much cheaper price. And with a much greater mark-up than plastic garden taps.

The difficulty was to convey to the consumer that the product was durable and worth the price charged. For this, right from the beginning, communication was developed making an analogy to other value-added products that used the TPO in its manufacture, such as cell phones, luxury car panels, internal areas of aircraft, electrical appliances, etc.

Involved Areas

Product design, graphic design and packaging.


Blanc tap won the top prize for Product Design in 2006, the Grand-Prix of Abplast, and Viqua gained national notoriety inaugurating a new sector within the industries of pipes and fittings / crockery and metals.

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