DMP Dzigual is an Italo-Brazilian integrated communications company, which for 16 years has made use of design driven innovation as a differentiation strategy. The company has a multidisciplinary and vertically integrated business model, and in tandem with Dzigual Golinelli develops its products mostly internally. Our main clients are industries, retail and the big companies that have a commitment with the quality of the productive chain, from manufacturing of the product to the sales at the vendor.


The name is our greatest asset, our behavior, what we design, say or do will be reflected, we can be seen as intelligent people, reliable and productive otherwise we can pass a negative image. Brands are like names, they generate value. It is present in all situations of a company, product or service, generating consumer insights. For years Dzigual has been helping major brands to generate value for their customers.

Digital & Marketing Strategy

We think that every successful communication passes through strategic planning. We believe that the more we know the customer’s DNA and their market, the more we will learn from it and the more likely we are to create custom actions – innovative and assertive.
We develop communication strategies integrated with digital strategy, we believe that both go together; digital channels can provide key experience for the positioning of a brand, to the effectiveness of an action and also on the sale of a product or service.

Graphic Design

We strongly believe that graphic design is a crucial tool for innovation and differentiation. A brand needs various channels to communicate with their audience and often this communication starts or is influenced by the graphic concept developed.

Packaging, Editorial, Catalogues, Prints & Special projects

Interactive Media

The department of interactive media, initially appeared in 1997 to meet the demands of our clients for websites.
Currently we develop integrated solutions for the communications strategy, including developing marketing strategies and digital communication. We know that the online experience is a key factor in the sale of products and that the interaction and integration of the various online channels are crucial to the formation of this experience for both direct purchase; and pre-sale.
We develop an integrated experience through smart solutions for desktop and for mobile devices.

Interface Design , Social Commerce & e-Commerce, Digital Publishing, Mobile Apps, Websites, Social Media, Databases, Systems Integration, Analytical, E-Marketing.

Photography & Pre-press

We have a fully integrated photography studio where the entire process from the photo to the color proof is controlled, ensuring a quality image of the product or setting. In addition, we make photo montages and 3D images, delivering realistic environmental results.

Product Photo, Settings & Scenarios, Colour Correction, Mergers, 3D, Colour Proof.

POP & Signage

DMP Dzigual has a specialized area in developing merchandising projects from retail outlets to complex signage projects. We develop architectural and showacse communication projects, POP, showrooms and exhibition stands.
We also develop signage projects for large fields such as industry, power stations, multipurpose arenas and urban mobility.

POP, Showrooms, Trade Shows, Environmental & Urban Signage.

Grupo Golinelli

The Golinelli Group has more than 60 years of experience and is present in Italy and Brazil
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We are present in the everyday lives of our clients, from strategy to execution, from creation to point of sale.